Laser Peak Power 3000 W
Type Hyper Diodelaser PLUS
Wellenlängen 755nm/808nm/1064nm
Energiedichte 100J/cm2
Handstück /Spotgröße 25mm² x 15mm²
Pulswiederholrate 1-10 Hz
Pulseigenschaften Einzel und Multipulse


Luftkühlung und

Crystal Kontakt Peltierkühlung

Stand by Working 20 Stunden ununterbrochen !
Display 10,4" Zoll Touchscreen Display
Elektrische Anforderungen 100-240 Volt AC, 20A und 50/60Hz
Gewicht ca. 60 Kg
Maße 67 cm x 65 cm x 127 cm
  • Netto           21.764,71 Euro
  • MwSt             4.135,29 Euro

Bruttopreis       25.900,00 Euro



1. How does AlexMED work?

Diode Laser 808nm
With Germany Imported Diode Laser, Half Treatment Time
Perform more treatment sessions in less time, allowing you to quickly treat large areas, while offering your patients the fastest and more effective hair removal feelings.

Diode Laser 755nm
The most popular 755nm diode laser which replace the solid state alexandrite diode laser and have a more comfortable treatment. It is effective for melanin to absorb 755nm diode laser. This characteristic is good for villi hair removal when people use 755nm diode laser treatment handle. And the treatment time is getting shorter.

Diode Laser 1064m
New experience for specialized darker skin hair removal 1064nm laser, 1064nm wavelength hair removal treatment will be safer especially for dark skin, skin rejuvenation. Performance well, and strong power cooling function, treatment comfortable and safe.

3. Applications:

● Permanent Hair Reduction on all pigmented hair and all skin types—including tanned skin.
● Pain-Free, Hair-Free - Comfortable Hair Removal (Skin Type I~V)

● Vascular Lesions & Wrinkle Reduction